POTD: Patriarch

Title and Location


Location: Mt. Magazine State Park
Camera: Phase One P65+, Cambo RS, Schnedier 24XL
Settings: f/16, ISO 50, 1/25 sec
When: November, 2010

A clearing storm at the end of the day added some nice color to an already dramatic scene.  This beautiful red cedar with a natural bansai look clings to the side of the clif overlooking the Petit Jean River Valley.  Looking at it’s precarious perch, it is hard to believe this tree is nearly 800 years old.

I am drawn to images of survival against all odds and trees are one of my favorite subjects – win/win. There is something about these old trees that speaks to the soul softly whispering “Hang in there, you might accomplish something amazing!”.

This image is made from two exposures stitched to make a vertical panorama. IT was a pretty easy composition, just keep the camera level and don’t let the foliage overlap with the surrounding trees. Vertical panos make a huge impression in a small space.  Imagine standing in front of an 8′ print of this image.

Another view of this tree was my first post on this blog.

Click here for more information or to purchase a fine art print.

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