About Ed Cooley

This is the photography and travel blog of master fine art photographer Ed Cooley.

Ed and his wife Faith travel around the world turning photographs of amazing subjects into fine art works measured in feet instead of inches.

Combining the highest image quality and cutting edge production techniques his artwork is stunning and only appreciated when viewed in person.

His art has been described “as vivid as an open window” by critics and earned more awards than any other fine art photographer since he began his professional career in 2011.

Ed has won top honors in most major competitions around the world including the PPA, PSA, IPA, Pano Awards, Color Awards,  Spider B&W Awards and many others with over 500 awards received since starting his career in 2011.

Most recently, Ed received his Master of Photography degree from Professional Photographers of America.

You can see all of Ed’s work in his gallery or online at Ed Cooley Gallery.

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