POTD: Underground Magic

Title and Location

Underground Magic

Location: Page, Arizona
Camera: Phase One P45, Cambo RS, Schneider 35XL
Settings: ISO 100, f/16, 5 seconds, two shot stitch
When: October 2010

A few days ago I mentioned how reflected light and shadows create colors in a slot canyon.

Todays image “Underground Magic” has the compliment of colors you’ll likely see in slot canyons during the fall.  With the sun lower in the sky it changes the angle of light entering the canyon.  That adds much more ambient light from the blue sky giving a different pallete from summer.

The canyon was about 3 feet wide where I placed the tripod.  I shifting the sensor 20mm to the right for one exposure then 20mm left for another.  Stitching these two exposures in software allowes me to capture this extremely wide angle view.

Click here for more information or to purchase a fine art print.

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