POTD: Enlightened

Title and Location


Location: Antarctic Sounds
Camera: Pase One P65+, Phase One DF Body, 35mm
Settings: f/11, 1/250, ISO 200
When: December, 2010

The sun is a rare sight on stormy days in Antarctica. At the end of this day the sun peaked through the clouds lighting the wintery seascape for a second or two.  It’s hard to believe the iceberg in the center is nearly 200′ tall.

With all icebergs the rule of thumb goes that we are only seeing a small portion of the ice while the remainder is submerged. Try to imagine the size and weight of these massive icebergs as my large expedition ship could not reach halfway up them in height!

The darkened icebergs in the foreground create unique leading lines drawing your attention to the dramatic scene in the center of the frame.

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