POTD: White Rock Autumn

White Rock Autumn, Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

White Rock Autumn

Location: Ozark National Forest, Arkansas
Camera: Phase One P30+, 35mm
Settings: f/11, ISO 50, 1/250
When: October 2010

White Rock Mountain is a rocky outcrop in the southern edge of the Ozark Mountains.  It is one of the easiest places to enjoy the vistas of the Ozarks with a short walk downhill from the parking area to a lookout pavilion that has a stunning 270 degree view from northwest to southeast.

Called the Ozark Mountains it is actually the Ozark Plateau and like the Colorado Plateau is full of eroding canyons that have stunning waterfalls in the spring.   On the southern edge of the plateau where it falls to the Arkansas River Valley you’ll find great views looking southward.

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