POTD: Hawksbill Crag

Title and Location

Hawksbill Crag

Location: Upper Buffalo Wilderness
Camera: Phase One P45 Digital Back, Cambo RS Camera, Schneider 72L Lens
Settings: f/11, ISO 100, 5 seconds
When: August 2009

Hawksbill Crag is the most recognized natural feature in the “Natural State”.  This rocky outcrop overlooks the Buffalo River Valley and the views are absolutely stunning.  The three mile, round trip, hike to visit the crag is relatively easy making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Arkansas.  The dropoff of over one hundred feet is deceptively dangerous and has been the site of many fatal accidents. It is all to easy to slip on the loose gravel or get vertigo looking over the edge.

An image from Hawksbill Crag is a must for any Arkansas photographer.  Looking for something different I hiked to the crag well before sunrise and was rewarded with the opposing colors of a magenta sky against the green foliage adding depth to the photograph.  Fog hovering over the river added much needed definition to the dark valley.

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