POTD: Phlox and Mayapple

Title and Location

Phlox and Mayapple

Location: Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee
Camera: Phase One P65+, Mamiya 645D, Mamiya 35mm
Settings: f/16, ISO 50, 1/250
When: April 2010

This scene was photographed in a previously secret area of Smoky Mountain National Park called White Oak Sink. The location was not publicised because the flora is very fragile. If you visit this area, please stay on the trails.

When the sky is clear blue and the light intense you can still make dramatic photographs if you pay attention to the angle of light. Notice how I moved the camera and composed the scene so the sunlight was directly backlighting the trees.  I exposed for the shadows and increased the shutter speed until the highlights were not clipped. Using my hand I shielded the lens from direct sunlight or there would have been serious flare in the image.

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