POTD: Angel Heart

Title and Location

Angel Heart

Location: Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Camera: Phase One P65+, Cambo RS, Schneider 35XL
Settings: f/16, ISO 50, 15 seconds, 2 shots stitched
When:October 2010

Can you find the angel photographed in Lower Antelope slot canyon?  Notice on the left 1/3 of the image the hole in the sandstone looks like a heart on it’s side.  Around this heart is an angel flying to the right with her hair flowing behind to the left.

The Navajo have named hundreds of shapes in this slot canyon and if you ever visit get a good guide to show them to you.  There are many slot canyons in this area all with entirely different personalities.

See my first slot canyon post for a description of the colors.

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POTD: Tenacity

Title and Location


Location: Escalante National Monument, Utah
Camera: Mamiya 645d, Phase One P30+, 28mm
Settings: ISO 100, f/16, 1/8 sec
When: March 2008

This cottonwood tree picked a difficult place to survive.  Each year into the drought it struggled losing more and more green.  Even so, it still hangs on.

Photographing this scene inspired me to never give up.  Success doesn’t require luck or even skill in most cases.  With the “Tenacity” to just keep trying you can accomplish almost any goal.

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POTD: Alone

Title and Location


Location: Saranac Lake, New York
Camera: Phase One P45, Cambo RS, Schneider 150N
Settings: f/11, 1/25, ISO 100
When: September 2011

While enroute to another location in Adirondack State Park I looked through an opening in the forest and saw this moody scene.

It immediately evoked an emotion of loneliness as this island was alone shrouded in a sea of fog.

Shortly after photographing this scene the fog lifted  and my lonely island was joined by hundreds more.  So much so, that they blended together into a mighty forest.

On foggy mornings, all of the Northeast is full of mysterious little spots like this waiting to be discovered.  The trick is, you have to be there innthe fog or like my little island they will be hidden from view.

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