POTD: Arched Iceberg

Title and Location

Arched Iceberg

Location: Antarctic Sounds
Camera: Phase One P65+, Phase One DF Body, 75-150mm
Settings: f/11, 1/250, ISO 400, 4 shot stitch
When: December 2010

While not an image in my portfolio, I thought you might enjoy viewing this massive iceberg with multiple arches.  You cannot tell from this photograph but this iceberg is over 100 feet tall.

Huge sheets of ice up to 200′ tall break off from the Larsen Ice Shelf  and drift northward in the Weddell Sea.  Some of these icebergs get drawn into the Antarctic Sound and never drift back out.  For years they melt into unreal shapes until finally there is nothing left.  Some melt into arches like this, others will have waterfalls streaming off them into the inky waters.

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