POTD: Watching

Title and Location


Location: Kebler Pass, Colorado
Camera: Nikon D3, 14-24mm lens
Settings: f/2.8, 24 seconds, ISO 1600
When: October, 2011

It was cloudy when I parked to spend the night in my jeep near Kebler Pass.  If you’ve ever slept in a jeep you know it’s not the most comfortable place to spend the night.  Nature photographers get used to this and you wake up several times during the night to reposition and stop the aching in your back.  I woke at half past three to clear skies and a full moon shining bright.

After a short drive I noticed these aspen trees on the hillside above the road. Pointing the wide angle lens upward drew the tops of the trees together. Normally I would correct this but it seemed as if the trees where joining together to enjoy the starry sky.

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