POTD: Falling Waters

Title and Location

Falling Waters

Location: Ozark National Forest, NW Arkansas
Camera: Phase One P65+, Cambo RS, Schneider 35XL
Settings: f/16, ISO 100, 4 sec, 2 shots stitched
When: October 2009

Falling Water Falls is a popular swimming hole in NW Arkansas.  From this point until Falling Water Creek empties into Richland Creek is a wonderful area to explore and photograph.  There are countless pools, cascades and waterfalls along this short stretch of paradise.

October 2009 was an incredible time in NW Arkansas.  Spring rains in this area create literally thousands of waterfalls in the Ozark Mountains.  We also have fantastic fall colors from all of the hardwoods.  It is very rare for us to have good water and color at the same time.  It happens once every 10-15 years and has not happened since 2009 so every fall photographers in this part of the country hope “this year” will be that year.

This image of Falling Water Falls was taken just as the fall colors were starting  to change.  A week later I visited again and there was so much water this entire area was filled with a raging torrent.

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