POTD: Beaver Lake

Title and Location

Beaver Lake

Location: Rogers, Arkansas
Camera: Phase One P45, Cambo RS, Schneider 35XL
Settings: f/11, ISO 100, 5 Sec, 2 exposures stitched
When: August 2010

An afternoon storm has cleared leaving a serene and colorful evening.  The air was clean and crisp which is rare for Arkansas in August.  Beaver Lake is a reservoir in NW Arkansas providing drinking water and flood control of the White River.

With a wide angle lens I was able to record the beautiful gradient of colors framed by the dark blue clouds.  In the distance the thunderhead is just about exhausted and if you look closely you’ll see a crescent moon peeking through the clouds to add a bit more interest.

This scene was preceded by yesterdays image of a spectacular sunset call “Evening Jewel”.

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