POTD: Evening Jewel

Title and Location

Evening Jewel

Location: Beaver Lake, Rogers, Arkansas
Camera: Phase One P45, Cambo RS, Schneider 72L
Settings: f/11, ISO 100, 1/25
When: August, 2010

In late summer, the Canadian Geese near my home go into their moult which lasts about two weeks.  During that time of renewing feathers they cannot fly and congregate on the waters of Beaver Lake.

In “Evening Jewell” the geese provided foreground interest for a clearing storm at sunset. The warm light of sunset caught both the clouds and virga for a spectacular display of jewel tones.

Photographically this image is a lesson in magical light.  You want to seek out times of transition.  This can be from night to day or vise versa, approaching and clearing storms, etc.  If you can combine these transitions like this clearing storm at sunset it can be even better.  As a photographer, you never know when the magic will happen so it’s a numbers game.  The more you are in front of interesting scenery at these times of transition the better your chances of capturing something incredible.

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