POTD: Secret Garden

Title and Location

Secret Garden

Location: Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee
Camera: Phase One P65+, Mamiya 645D, 35mm
Settings: f/11, iso 50, 1/250
When: April 2010

A panoramic view of White Oak Sink in the Smoky Mountain National Park.  An easy two mile hike and you find yourself in beautiful, open forest carpeted with blue phlox.  The bright light backlit the young leaves and gave a nice side lighting on the tree trunks.

If you see phlox blooming along the road to Cades Cove you might ask a ranger or photography guide to take you to White Oak Sink.  They usually bloom at the same time around the second week of April.

This was the first photography trip I took after my accident.  The two mile hike would be a snap now but back then I wondered if I could make it.  I would love to find myself back here with flowers in bloom.  (Actually I would love to revisit all the locations I have photographed.  As you would expect, my photography technique and artistic vision has improved over the last 7 years.)

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