POTD: Smoky Mountain Stream

Title and Location

Smoky Mountain Stream

Location: Smoky Mountains near Townsend, TN
Camera: Phase One P65+, Mamiya 645D, 35mm
Settings: f/11, ISO 50, 1/2 sec
When: April 2010

An iconic Smoky Mountain stream photographed along the middle prong of the Little River.  On the road to Cades Cove you’ll see a turnoff for Tremont Educational Facility.  This short drive is one of the most iconic in the park and it is beautiful almost anytime.  This dirt road follows the river the whole way, park anywhere and point your camera.  On the weekends this spot will be busy with photographers shooting the horseshoe shaped cascade.

The maples in early spring have a nice bright color that contrasted well against the rhododendron foliage in the background.

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